Gaming/Music Expert
Portland, OR, USA
Jonah's musical roots grew from the same streets that gave the world The Ramones, Sonic Youth, Steely Dan, and Simon & Garfunkel. After finding success as an indie musician (with over 40k followers on Spotify), Jonah, aka SuperDope, moved from New York City to the birthplace of grunge, the great Northwest. In early 2010, Jonah began pursuing another passion, competitive gaming, and started a career as a professional e-sports gamer touting several popular endorsements. By 2019, Jonah found his true calling in a budding technology that would allow him to seamlessly integrate all of his talents in a new and exciting way: Non-Fungible Tokens. Today, SuperDope is synonymous with music, gaming, and NFTs and leads the NFTG team with his expertise in these areas.

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