Miami, FL, USA
Born in Bulgaria and raised in South Florida, Ivan spent his early years learning US Tax laws while working as a tax preparer, at the same time becoming familiar with one of the hottest real estate markets in the US, South Florida, not only by practicing as a licensed sales-person, but also by becoming a real estate online marketing guru by 2003. During all of that time, starting in high school and through the end of graduating from Florida International University, Ivan held an executive position as a big box retail manager. In 2007, he changed industries and transitioned into the automotive space as a buyer for a national auto superstore. By early 2021 the crypto-market took Ivan's complete attention and after heavy research to figure out what makes crypto tick, and big exposure to NFTs starting with the WAX blockchain, he decided that was going to be his next industry move. By mid 2021, Ivan left his auto industry comfort zone to become a crypto community manager with a crypto fund, as well as becoming a founding member of a cutting edge crypto and NFT learning platform, NFTGamerTV!

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