Meet our team

The founders, the team, the community. See who’s behind the NFTGamerTV platform.

  • td

    Trent "TD" Davis is a code and NFT enthusiast and co-founder of NFTGamer.TV

    • sany

      Sam "Sany" Coon is an NFT expert, entrepreneur, and co-founder of NFTGamer.TV

      • das_mustang

        Dean, aka "Das Mustang", is the creative genius behind the NFTGamerTV's video production and art team.

        • hady

          Hady is the NFTGamerTV's server admin, database engineer, and backend developer.

          • olittle

            Patrik aka "O.Little" is mostly seen working on our learn-to-earn-platform as a frontend engineer, but can also be found tinkering with the server-side infrastructure.

            • josh

              Josh, aka "Josh757", is NFTGamerTV's best and brightest when it comes to video streaming.

              • nostalg33k

                Nostalg33k is the genius behind the team's amazing Discord functionality.

                • badger

                  Ivan, aka "BGBadger", is one of NFTGamerTV's researchers, project managers, and also streams.

                  • elix

                    Liz, aka "Elix" is the artistic genius behind most of the incredible works of art seen throughout the NFTG website and Collection.

                    • superdope

                      Jonah "SuperDope" Lesnick is a professional Music Producer and Esports gamer here to assist you on your NFT gaming journey!

                      • kurt

                        Kurt, aka "Ayo", is another NFT expert on the NFTG team, and is in charge of all of our social media platforms.

                        • larry_fine

                          Lawrence "Larry Fine" Blandford is an experienced NFT collector specializing in researching NFT projects

                          • poyzen

                            Ryan "Poyzen" Porter is who keeps NFTGamerTV on task, and is the brilliant architect behind the NFT Hall of Fame.